My Famous Technique with Hard Wax


With all the sun, sand and surf San Diego is known for, we all want a hair-free and care-free body.  

Brazilian wax, Back wax, Face wax and all other waxing services require special techniques and delicate care to avoid damaging the skin. The combination of our education and training along with our awesome techniques is a match made in heaven for a first timer at Wax Haus.

Here at Wax Haus we do not provide a '10 minute wax' service and "No hair left behind" is our goal. Our focus is your experience and education.

Come try our high-quality Hard Wax (a unique peel-off, no-strip product) and you'll feel the difference right away. We are here to explain all the details about this whole waxing business. We love to wax, we love to answer questions about wax and we love to educate our clients about wax and skin care. Come meet us and get some wax and skin education.

The benefits of Hard Wax:

  • minimum discomfort
  • gentle on the skin
  • works great for clients with rosacea, sensitive and acneic skins
  • prevents ingrown hair and breakage
  • minimum redness and irritation.     

For large areas (arms, men's back waxing, etc) a high-quality strip wax made with titanium dioxide technology is used. It eliminates redness and minimizes discomfort.

**Take a look on "FAQ" page for more wax information**


Please use SPF products after all wax services. Waxing services will not be performed on clients using the following medications. These medications weaken the skin and will potentially cause the skin to tear : 

  • Retin-A
  • Accutane
  • Diferin
  • Tazarac
  • Avage
  • Presciption strength AHA's (glycolic, lactic, salicylic) 
  • Isotretinoin

*Facials or waxing services will not be performed on anyone with a current cold sore breakout (Herpes Simplex I).

 skin care and waxing services  located in San Diego Ca Hillcrest.

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 skin care and waxing services  located in San Diego Ca Hillcrest.   

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